The Swiz of India ……

Which place is acronymed as ‘The Swiss Of India ? ‘. Most of us would put our minds into hard toil inorder to figure out the answer for it.Our thoughts would navigate all throughout the country right from Jammuu kashmir to Kanyakumari . But the irony is , the answer to it lies just a few kilometers away from us or rather from Mcc – Kadaperi , a less frequented place which lies in the interiors of west Tambaram . Kadaperi coined itz name from a kannada word which means “gateway to a lake .” As the name suggests it is a gateway to an exemplarily beautiful site with a diverse collection of flora and flauna ,ancient temples and many unheard myths and beliefs.
The reason for Kadaperi being termed as “the swiz of india ‘ is due to itz close resemblance with the Alps of the Swiz. The hefty Thiruneermalai strechec valiantly along the humble village. The charm of the mountain is enhanced by the crystal clear water of the stream that flows along it . A trivial myth prevailing in the area says that Thiruneermali was christened by Valmiki on seeing the stream flowing along the mountain when he once visited the place. On exploring deep into Kadaperi one would be bewildered to envision many archaic temples. The most prominent ones among them are the Seliamma temple , The Shiva temple and The Vishnu temple. The Seliamma , a 350 year old temple has got many myths attached to it. The headless statue inside the temple is said to have been dismantled by a group of men who tried to confiscate the statue. The “balipeedam”, a stone adjacent to the temple is believed to be the place where the soul of the goddess rests. People offer milk to tjhe “balipeedam” inorder to the patronise the “Swamini .Fathoming a few feet from Seliamma reaches us to the Shiva temple. The temple opens only on wednesdays , thursdays and the auspicious night of Shivaratri. The barksof the neem tree that spread its branches around the temple is clad in silk cloth as the devotees consider it as the incarnation of the goddess. Another noteable temple is the Vishnu temple that stands with elegance on the mammoth Thiruneermalai. The devotees believe that if the entire 400 steps that lead to the temple is climbed with utmost faith, it could relieve a person of his sins and sanctify him.
The place is a hot spot for a wide variety of medicinal plants. The rely soley on these plants to cure their most of their major and minor ailments. The colloquially named planta such as “Thumbachedi” are used to cure minor cold and fever, “Eruthachedi” for dog bite , “Kupameni” for insect bite and “Kudanelli” for jaundice.
Kadaperi , though unheard by many is without the least doubt an incredible place with its equisite natural beauty , ancient temples and adoring flora. Many concealed myths sleep in this less trodden place. Though not completely recognised Kadaperi stands elegantly and with immense pride as “The Swiz Of India .”


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